Veterans Turned Businessman and Emergency Plumber In Anniston

As you may have heard many times, I am an ex-soldier. I dedicated years of my life in the military service. Now that I am an owner of an outpost shop, I still recall what it was like to be a soldier.

The life of a soldier is difficult. It was when I was 21 years old that I decided to join the army. My father is a military veteran too. He is my idol. I look up to him. He is my hero and the hero of the American nation. I wanted to be like him and being a soldier is the closest thing to him. When I joined the army, there is one thing on my mind and that is to make my dad proud. I’m sure he is.

Anniston Veteran Becomes Emergency Plumber In Anniston

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The first three years of my life in the service is not that difficult. It probably is because I am doing the thing I love the most. When I get married and have kids of my own, things were a bit different. Just like every parent, I want to spend time with my kids, especially with my wife. Since I am in the army, I don’t have much time with my family. Things became even more difficult when I was deployed in Iraq. It was thousand miles away from home. I don’t get to see my wife and my kids that often. Days were hard and even more at night. I miss their birthdays, anniversary, graduation, and other important events in my family’s life. It is not the life that I wish to give my family, but I feel like being a soldier is my calling. Going to the battle with no guarantee that I will be able to see my family again is the most difficult.

After 25 years in the service, I decided to retire and to finally spend the rest of my life with my family. My kids are all grown up now. In fact, some of them have a family of their own. I even have five grandchildren. My wife was there patiently waiting for me. I can say that I am lucky enough to have an understanding wife. Now is the time to make up to her.

Of course, I still had to be the man of the family and earn for a living. But instead of going for a corporate job, which is difficult for someone who has been in the battlefield for so long, my wife and I did whatever we could to put up the business we have now and make it prosper.

It was not easy at all to start this business, let alone make it grow. I remember that it was so stressful at first, that even the most trivial things like a plumbing problem, were so difficult to handle. Thankfully I also have a friend from the military who decided to work as an emergency plumber in Anniston. People do not realize how deep the connection remains for us who have retired from service. We always keep ourselves in contact because we know that there will be times that trauma would hit us at the most unexpected times, and no one would be better to help us snap out of those moments than people who know our pain.

How Helped Me Fix My Store’s Water Damage Problems helps restore military outpost store

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With so much blessings pouring in, and the success of my military outpost store, you would think that my life is nothing but bliss and more money to spend.

However, I am still a human being, and I still experience a lot of problems in my everyday life. Sure, it may seem easier for me to deal with problems because I am already financially established, still, a problem is a problem and all I am saying is that I get my fair share of problems, too.

Recently, the outpost store branch in Colorodo experienced flood. We lost some items to the flood and sales were down for a couple of weeks. It was a disaster, literally and figuratively.

We were lucky that the security were quick to evacuate as much items as they could. The weather forecasts and announcements were also very helpful in making my staff prepare for the inevitable flood. Despite all preparations, the damages were still a lot and they all needed to be dealt with.

MyWebPal helps restore Military outpost store

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What made the incident even daunting was the post-flood clean-up and repair that had to be done, as well as the re-count of stocks, and other important business papers to attend to before the store could operate fully again.

Good thing I have the best employees. They were able to address all business issues as quick as they could. So while we had to reflect some loss for items that got destroyed in the flood, at least our inventory is back on track and we were able to find stocks for items that were completely zeroed by the flood.

However, for the water damage issues, nobody from the staff knew how to deal with the damages, so I had to go online and look for whatever information I could find.

I was fortunate enough to come across It is a website that contains a lot of helpful information about water damage, water damage restoration processes, mold removal, carpet cleaning, and it even has suggestions on what companies to go to for expert help and services.

Thanks to MyWebPal, I was able to control the spread of the water damage and I was able to hire a water restoration company that showed great efficiency in dealing with the different levels of water damage in my store. What’s even better was the reasonable fee that the company asked for, after all the repairs were made.

The Internet can really be a great source of help, but what makes it more great are websites that provide truthful information.


Successful Military Store Business Became Means To Purchase Home In Anniston

Military Outpost business success made owner buy homes in Anniston

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Ever since I started my outpost security store when I retired from service, I honestly just hoped that it would be successful enough to sustain a comfortable life for me and my family. I did not need it to be too fancy.

But I guess, I did something good and my business boomed beyond just being successful. For a local business establishment, it was booming.

Putting up an military outpost store is not just an unusual business, but it also has a little danger to it. But passion is passion, and as a veteran, putting up a business close to what I spent for more than half of my life seemed like a pretty great idea.

And a great idea it was.

Unexpectedly, but thankfully, the business reached success beyond what I hoped for. So great that in fact, I was able to buy my family a decent home in Anniston, which I was able to scout through searching best real estate websites.

My family had always wanted to settle down in Anniston because a lot of our relatives live there. It is a place that is perfect for retiring people like me, and is also a great place to allow children to grow and learn to be independent.

Good thing I was able to come across a great real estate agent, so the purchasing of the house went very smoothly. Aside from our house in Anniston, we also had a luxury home that I bought for my wife’s parents, for whenever they would want to spend some time in the city as well. Though the home we bought was spacious enough, my wife said that her parents always wanted a house of their own, as they continue to rent. With the luxury home that me and my wife was able to give them, at least somehow, their dream of a home would come true.

I never really thought that even after retirement, I would still be serving the military, even if it only means through owning a military outpost store. I guess some things are just hard to let go of, and maybe I left service too early for my liking. However, I had to make a choice, as a husband and as a father.


Crossfit Training = Military Training

Working in the military means I constantly need to be in tip-top shape. With that in mind, I always jog at around 3 in the morning and I lift weights as well. I thought this was already sufficient enough for me, when my friend suddenly called me and told me that she was coming. This friend of mine works for Flooded NY water mitigation company. Opposite sides of the world, right?

However, I had no idea that this plumber-friend of mine would actually help me out a great deal.

I got introduced to CrossFit through my best friend, who was into the workout for quite a few months. Initially, I tried to stay away from it; however, she would nag at me continuously so I ended up joining her. Unfortunately, It was extremely difficult at first. One day, I was literally dragged by my best friend to the gym and got introduced to her CrossFit trainer. The CrossFitter explained to  me, in a concise manner, all the small and big details of the workout. I thought of giving it a try, though it was only because of my friend’s constant nagging. CrossFit and cross training workouts are more or less the same with a few differences.

The whole workout sees that you get into functional movements, which are regularly varied. The most important thing is that high intensity is maintained all the time. It includes various kinds of exercises like running, rowing, weightlifting, and gymnastics. You never stick to one exercise which eases you of the common complain of getting bored from sticking to only one exercise. The best part is there is no specialization. It’s more or less the same way you do your daily chores like picking up shopping bags, running around your kids or climbing up and down the stairs. It gives you a chance of trying different kinds of exercises in one workout. Trying out this workout will make you flexible for any kind of workout and also fit to survive different life conditions. CrossFit is used by military and police training units but it is now customized to make it accessible to common people and at the same time taking care that you don’t exert yourself much. So it means the beginner and an elite athlete have almost the same qualities but only the intensities are varied depending on the individual capabilities.

I first got uncomfortable with the thought of working out with different kinds of people with such charged up music, but I was surprised to find a lot of friends who matched my mental wavelength. I felt that I was going back to my childhood days where we used to play different sports with friends and never ever felt tired because we had friends with us to enjoy. As we all grew up, we had less time to come together and spend time due to our hectic schedules. That and the fact that all my friends were now living in different cities. However, I found a new leash  in my social life as I had a lot to do together with friends which helped me find new bonds and relationships otherwise all that social gathering meant eating and gossiping but here I am getting fit while I am spending time with friends.

Once you start the training regimen, your CrossFit trainer will vary the intensity of your workout according to the time you need to customize yourself with those kinds of exercises. A good CrossFit trainer is necessary to see that you are doing the exercises correctly. Don’t worry; even if you have no prior experience of such exercises, just go with the flow. And if you have some experience then it’s the best thing to take up. It’s a good way to clear all the clutter from the mind that is gathered due to daily stress. I found it takes care of developing every area like stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.

You may find the training too expensive, but trust me you will never get disappointed with the whole workout. You can always have places where they provide free training initially to let you get the feel of it. You will feel yourself motivated and more de-stressed than ever with a clear mindset.